Working With Us

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Pores X

Working With Us

Do you need a job that makes you feel so good every day? PORES X is the place you don’t want to miss for all the fun experiences to start! Here, our mission is to make people feel clean and so good every day.  

Send your resume to hr@poresx.com.au

Our Team

Our PORES Experts are the best infield. Our team members complete a professional training program on “everything pores,” including treatment application and dermatological foundations. We take the initiative to educate our customers on the best skincare routines to suit their needs in an open, transparent, and friendly way. 

The Way We Do Things

We are proud of PORES X, but more so, we are proud of the feeling and energy we provide to our customers. Our attention to detail, honesty, and friendliness significantly contributes to why we have a very high volume of returning customers. As experts on everything PORES, using cutting-edge technology and quality products, our customers have confidence in us to make a real impact on their skin health, making them feel refreshed after every treatment and even beyond!

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