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One treatment at a time

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Enjoy premium skincare treatments In a shorter time(as less as 15 min), lesser fee (Start from $49) and better technology(PoreTech Medifacial) & high-quality with active ingredients products.

We offer clever, tech-driven, and engaging consultations to understand YOU. We’re eliminating the traditional salon rule book; instead, we’re focused on getting top results in real-time without you having to break your bank. PORES X is home for skincare routines that fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around!

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Here at PORES X, we offer targeted, tech-driven, time-oriented, friendly, and fully accessible skincare treatments.

•PORETECH® MediFacial® technology.
•High-performing solution-driven ACTIVE skincare products (cruelty-free).
•Fast, Effective, and Result Driven Treatment (as less as) 15 minutes.
•At an affordable price, starting from $49.
•In a tech-focused and inclusive environment, fun, creative, and educated case-based evidence.

The PORES X store layout, philosophy, and welcoming customer experience combine to create an environment of transparency and approachability for both men and women seeking affordable and time-conscious skincare. 

It’s an open and welcoming store concept that bypasses the stuffy, fussy medical spa environment. Our treatment pods are the perfect little haven to recharge and refresh. We use active ingredients to awaken and clear the pores to achieve a clear and clean skin outcome. We create breathing space that begins pore-deep, going beyond in a complete refreshment inside and out. We are the holistic charging station for skin health, complexion, and self-confidence.

PORES X helps everyone to clear up their skin to be able to ‘breathe’ again.
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