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Why Is Cleansing The Foundation Of Good Facial Skincare?


Obtaining glowing, healthy skin is clearly an achievable feat. Although sometimes, that might require consulting dermatologists, who will help discover your skin type and recommend the right skincare products that suit it.

Many individuals indulge in it, but it is essential to understand that having healthy and clear skin does not end when purchasing tons of beauty products and just dabbing them on. There are steps to follow to arrive at the desired results.

Cleansing is the first step in any skincare routine you choose to follow. Daily, your skin is exposed to various entities ranging from bacteria to dead skin cells, drying up and clogging the holes through which your skin was designed to “breathe.”

Just as the word entails, cleansing helps to remove the dirt and excess oils that the skin has accumulated over time. Failure to deal with these has often led to simple and then mild skin issues like pores, acne, etc.

It doesn’t end there, either: cleansing also helps prepare the skin for the application of skincare products. Eliminating dead cells and other residues from your skin boosts the effectiveness of these skincare products. Cleansing clears your pores to make room for penetration. This, in turn, helps to keep the skin clear and free from blemishes.

Most dermatologists advise that cleansing should be done twice a day, morning and night. In the morning, to rid the skin of unwanted oils garnered while sleeping, and in the night, the process is repeated to wash off the dirt from the day’s activities.

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