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The Top 5 Most Common Causes of Large Pores

The skin is the largest organ found in the human body, containing millions of openings called pores on its surface. These pores, made up of follicles, are designed to help the skin “breathe.” 

However, pores are supposed to be invisible to the naked eye. This is where the problem lies. When large pores appear on your skin, then something is wrong. The size of pores found on a human body is primarily determined by genetics, but several other factors could also be responsible for it.  

Below are the five (5) major reasons you have large pores on your skin: 

  1. Large Pores Found on The Nose: These are usually caused by sebaceous glands directly below the skin. The glands are responsible for the increase in skin oil which further expands the size of the pores. Daily cleansing is the best solution to combat this problem. Importantly, don’t use makeup wipes. The residue they leave behind can cause breakouts. Instead, make use of foam, oil, or cream cleanser. Activita A is the best solution for this. 
  2. Sun Damage: Allowing your skin to constantly come in direct contact with an unchecked amount of sunlight can also lead to the proliferation of large pores on your skin. Protect your skin from the sun as much as possible. If you find any signs of skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight, an antioxidant product like Photo Corrector is the ideal solution. 
  3. Smoking: Cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine negatively affects the immune system, thereby limiting the growth of skin cells. This can cause pores to appear on the skin and grow larger with time. For damage caused by smoking, Antioxynol is the most effective skin nutrient needed and it is generously contained in Activata C to repair your skin and get it back to full health. 
  4. Lack Of Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential for skin growth, appearance, and function. Without it, the skin struggles. This will be evident by the presence of skin defects in the body. Activata A will provide your body with enough retinol to banish pigmentations and clear wrinkles. 
  5. Chronic Acne: If you have chronic Acne, you’ll most likely have skin pores as well. With inflammation, the pores will become larger as time goes on. Chronic Acne can be dealt with using effective exfoliatior. This will help remove any excess sebum and skin pollution. H40 and Facepal are the two most recommended products for this, as they both contain natural enzymes which can dissolve oil substances and maintain skin hydration. 

What About the Pores X Treatment? 

Understandably, you can avoid a few common causes of large pores on the skin to prevent large pores. One of such cases you can avoid includes the Lack of Vitamin A, Smoking, Sun Damage, etc. 

However, all these can be taken care of by Pores X treatment. Pores X is currently the leading brand in innovations around skincare. With Pores X, you would neither need to pop your pores nor would you need to use pore strips. Get on the Pores X brand today, and enjoy tech-driven skincare solutions specially designed to help you defeat pores.  

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