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The PORE-X Shaving Guide: 3 Steps to Having a Perfect Shave


Many boys grow, anticipating their first strands of hair quite religiously. This maiden appearance of hair on a young boy’s jawline is often referred to as his coming of age— a form of status symbol.

While many look forward to growing a beard, not many know how to take proper care of a beard. They often try to take care of the beard how they would care for the hair on the head. However, it’s a different story entirely. The hair on the head grows from the scalp, while the beard grows from facial skin.

Here are three easy steps to keeping your beard in great condition after a shave:

The follicles attached to the beard often get clogged by dirt over time, resulting in an itchy feeling. Scratching the itch then leads to irritation and inflammation.

To combat this, the Medifacial machine comes equipped with a strong aqua vacuum handle. The device can physically suck out the dirt building up around the hair follicles without being harsh on the skin with this handle. Your bearded area will instantly feel cleaner and refreshed. You’ll get a sustained result if you do this at least once every month.

The Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator is non-scrubbing. It is formulated with innovative technology to remove dead skin and dirt around the follicles, leaving your skin in optimal conditions. The lack of scrubbing makes it possible for the beard to remain in great condition. You can do this at home 2-3 times weekly.

The H40 HD Foam Cleanser uses water molecular technology to dissolve pollutants found on the skin’s surface. Any clogged pores and hair follicles will be efficiently cleaned and decongested. You should use this two times a day.

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