PORES X Active Cleansing Treatment (Full Face)

(13 customer reviews)


Medifacial PoreTech® Aqua Peel for pore vacuuming to focus around the T-zone and Chin areas, or full face.  
Benefits: Pores become instantly clearer and appear to be clarified. AHAs dissolve bonds between skin cells to remove dead cells and smooth the skin’s surface. BHAs, also known as salicylic acid, helps to fight acne.


Medi Facial Pro Solution (BHAs, AHAs, Vitamin C, H40, Moisturizer)


25-30 min

13 reviews for PORES X Active Cleansing Treatment (Full Face)

  1. Melanie S (verified owner)

    This is really incredible. Had this a week ago still can feel the treatment

  2. Phoebe K (verified owner)

    My skin needed this. It was a great pleasure

  3. Jim M (verified owner)

    It was extremely convenient just 15 mins and you are feeling best version of yourself

  4. Kim J (verified owner)

    If you’re always on the go like me you’ll love Pores X

  5. Chen Y (verified owner)

    I had my first treatment from Pores X and it was worth it

  6. Sal (verified owner)

    I really need this treatment again

  7. Charlie P (verified owner)

    I recently received my first ever facial from Pores X and let me tell you, my skin literally started glowing straight after ☺️Their treatments are no longer than 15 minutes and super affordable! Which is perfect for me as I’m always on the go. Super happy with my results and can’t wait to go visit the PoresX again!

  8. Georgia G (verified owner)

    Feeling so refreshed after my @poresxaustralia express facial!

  9. Ava E (verified owner)

    It was an absolute pleasure to receive this treatment. The hospitality given in the clinic was exceptional.

  10. Ellisa F (verified owner)

    I have sensitive skin. So I was afraid to try this treatment. But when I had the treatment I really liked it. It had no side effects and my skin felt refreshed and lively.

  11. Melanie J (verified owner)

    I saw an ad on Facebook and booked it with the thought of giving it a try, and I can tell you it was worth the try. I am overwhelmed by the response.

  12. Sasha C (verified owner)

    I needed a quick and easy way to cleanse my skin after shoulder surgery and this treatment worked beautifully. It leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean.

  13. Mary E (verified owner)

    This review is long overdue, had this a while back finally got the chance to review it! Absolutely love it.

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