CLARÏFÍER™ ENZY High-Definition Advanced Formula PoreTech® -A215

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CLARÏFÍER™ ENZY is a foundational step for achieving healthy looking pore appearance. It targets pore congestion through natural enzymes that can efficiently assist in removing accumulated oils and other lipophilic properties, and help reduce skin stress after being exposed to environmental stressors. It helps improve the appearance of UV damaged skin, corrects uneven skin tone, and creates a natural healthy and balanced looking skin.

✰ PoreTech® 

Balance skin shine, reduce oily skin feeling, pores feel decongested and clarified.

✰ β-A215

Professional formula to create multiple ENZY actions for pore decongesting. A tingling sensation may be experienced. The skin feel smoother, refreshed and de-stressed afterwards.

✰ Azelaic Acid

A natural yeast production found in skin, Azelaic acid is a potent ingredient to improve the appearance of skin texture and reduce blemished appearances. A potent 10% Azelaic acid is formulated in the ENZY formula.

✰ Salicylic Acid

A widely used powerful natural derivative found in willow bark, Salicylic Acid is lipophilic, to help dissolve clogged oil substance within the pores to reduce blemished appearances. It is an essential ingredient to help the skin absorb and maintain hydration.

Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free



Azelaic acid is a substance through enzyme disruptive actions against bacteria for successful DNA obstruction of acne bacteria. Azelaic acid must penetrate the stratum corneum to the sebaceous tissue in order to target the bacteria. Thus, it is necessary to increase the penetration of azelaic acid through keratolytic properties to break down the stratum corneum for the maximum benefits. CLARÏFÍER™ combines an effective amount of keratolytic properties of lipophilic salicylic acid and azelaic acid to generate powerful enzyme actions to balance the skin’s microbial environment.

Suggested Application 

Cleanse the skin with H4O wash foam
Dry the skin thoroughly with FacePal
Cleanse thoroughly with CLARÏFÍER™ Micro Hydro Exfoliator, rinse thoroughly
Apply 1-2 droppers of CLARÏFÍER™ ENZY and apply on full face, avoid eye areas.


*Do not apply on broken skin. Avoid eye areas. Sensitive skin types must be used under professional guidance. A tingling sensation is normal and may fade after 60 minutes. Rinse off immediately if discomfort continues. 


8 reviews for CLARÏFÍER™ ENZY High-Definition Advanced Formula PoreTech® -A215

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Loved the feel of the product. My skin improved visibly after the first use, definitely recommend it!

  2. Hayden (verified owner)

    I have been using this formula for a couple of weeks now. I never had my skin so clear before. I recommend its use every night. I wake up to improved and bright skin every day

  3. Riley (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  4. Kate R (verified owner)

    This was a product I bought after having my treatment, extremely delighted with it. Thank you

  5. Paula G (verified owner)

    Clarifier has helped me balance my skin. As my skin feels fresh I can have a better and cheerful day

  6. Kessie E (verified owner)

    Helped me repair my sun damaged skin. Glad that I found this product.

  7. Indra W (verified owner)

    I had a sensitive skin but it really helped me revitalize my skin.

  8. Donna P (verified owner)

    It is very effective for daily use. Keeps my skin fresh and healthy

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