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The eyes are exposed to the electronic devices emitting sensitizing light wavelengths that cause stress and fatigue to the eyes, resulting in tired looks with dark circles and puffiness. Lines and wrinkles occur due to accelerated ageing. The ace ++ eye cream is designed to target these issues. Packed with super antioxidants, this soothing eye cream is formulated to re-energize the eyes, de-puff the skin around the eyes, and reduce dark circles. With zero alcohol, fragrance, and sensitizing ingredients, this eye cream provides soothing and calming effects to reduce the feelings of fatigue and stress due to digital exposure. In this process, the vitamin a derivative smoothes the skin around the eyes to reduce static wrinkle appearance.

Key Ingredients

Ceramide, Eye Brillance, Peptide Complex-2 Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

2 reviews for ACTIVITA ACE++ Eye Cream

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    I had tried numerous eye creams to reduce my dark circles and puffiness around my under eye area, but the results would always be temporary. Then I came across PoresX Activita ++ Eye Cream and I thought to give it a try. To my amazement, it not only reduced my dark circles and puffiness but also helped my eyes feel calm and relaxed. This is a must have product and I recommend it to anyone facing under eye issues.

  2. Maeve (verified owner)

    PoresX Activita ++ Eye Cream has reduced my dark circles to a great extent along with the puffiness under my eyes. Previously my eyes would look and feel very tired but now after using this product my eyes feel relaxed.

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