No Popping, No Pore Strips: How You Can Get Rid of Your Skin Pores with Technological Skincare Solutions

Anyone who has ever had large pores on their skin would have no trouble understanding how frustrating they could be. Large pores have often been a source of embarrassment and even low self-esteem in individuals. 

But what could the solution be? Of course, popping one’s pores is often the first course of action for many individuals who contend with it. But that has hardly been a solution that works, not for long anyway. You can take time out to pop your blackheads or whitehead pores if you want. You’ll look at your face and probably feel better for a while. But you can be assured they’ll reappear soon enough.  

Pore strips are another solution for large pores that came to be quite common amongst many. But even that has not proven to be a lasting solution. Not to mention that it can be quite painful and counterproductive as far as skincare is concerned. 

This is why Pores X, the leading innovator of tech-driven skincare solutions, has introduced the ultimate skincare product for large pores.  

How Does Pores X Work? 

Here is how it works. The product, Pores X Active Cleansing Treatment, is a pore solution applied on the affected area— the T-Zone and chin area or the full face if necessary, depending on where your pores are. For the T-Zone and chin, the treatment will be applied for 15 minutes, while for the full face, the treatment takes 20 minutes. 

After this, the accompanying Medifacial Pore Tech® Aqua Peel is then applied to the same area. The Aqua Peel product, when positioned on the affected areas, works as a vacuum cleaner.  

The product works by eliminating the existing bonds between skin cells and removing the dead cells, which help to smoothen the skin’s surface. Proper usage of these solutions will result in instantly clearer skin.  

With this solution, popping pores and using pore strips alongside your pores will be a thing of the past.  

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