What Is the Best Vitamin for ACNE – Retinol, And How Does It Work?

Everyone is vulnerable to acne, although it’s prevalent during puberty. Acne develops when the skin glands produce excess oil and gets clogged with dead skin cells and bacteria. The blocked areas (pores) may swell, resulting in skin conditions like pimples, etc. 

As an inflammatory skin condition, acne may cause discomfort and extreme irritations. Nonetheless, certain vitamins and minerals have been proven over time to help in its prevention and treatment.  

This article discusses the best vitamin for treating Acne – RETINOL, how it works, its benefits, etc. 

First, What Is Retinol? 

Retinol is made from Vitamin A. Unlike other acne products that help remove dead skin cells, Retinol instead penetrates into your dermis, where it works, minimizing wrinkles and helping your skin become thicker and more elastic. Retinol also reduces collagen breakdown, thereby helping your skin remain as firm as possible. 

Apart from acne treatment, you can also use Retinol to treat or prevent the skin conditions, such as wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots caused by excessive sun exposure, freckles, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, collagen loss, and more. 

Are you wondering if Retinol is actually the best vitamin for acne treatment? Let’s discuss how Retinol works to answer that. 

How Does Retinol Work? 

Retinol triggers surface skin cells to turn over, causing them to die rapidly, allowing the growth of newer cells underneath the skin. They also prevent collagen breakdown and thicken the dermis layer of your skin.  

Unlike the popular narrative, Retinol doesn’t cause skin thinning. Although redness and peeling may occur after the first few uses, it’s actually the process of thickening your skin and not otherwise.  

However, Retinol isn’t ideal for pregnant women as it may expose them to higher risks of miscarriage or birth defects.  

Consider seeing a dermatologist after about 12 months of religious use, and you do not see significant improvement in your skin texture, smoothness, or tone.

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