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✔ Cleanses your t-zone and chin.

✔ Reduce oily skin feeling

✔ Pores feel decongested and clarified


T-zone and Chin

Take the cleansing experience to the next level.
Get maximum results within 15 minutes.
Also 50% OFF for a limited time. 


Full Face

Head to a professional premise that specializes in Medifacial, like PoresX


The licensed Medifacial specialist will perform professional steps to deeply cleanse the surface of the skin to open up the pores and wash away dirt and sebum. Then, they’ll use Aqua Peel with PoreTech to gently suck out the pore congestion while infusing the active anti-inflammatory ingredients to make sure that the pores are clean and protected at the same time! This step clears away dead skin cells, which may be causing blackheads and acne appearance.

Then the specialist will finish the treatment with antioxidants free of fragrance and hormones, which won’t clog the pores and is safe for all genders.

I went to Poresx at Macquarie’s shopping center to try Australia’s first express skincare. We started off with a water-based cleanser to get rid of my impurities. Latest medical technology in their private booth. Blackheads are gone. Finish off with a spray of vitamin E. Thank you Poresx.

Tramie Tea

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